1. Photograph from this weeks location scout to the Lochaber area to try and find locations for my upcoming short film project “Corpach”.

    The Glen Loy forest is dense and extremely dark. It will truly be a difficult feat to shoot in there, but the atmosphere and scenery will be worth it.

    For more information on the project including updates on progress and a gallery of pre-production images and videos please check out this page.

    We’re 14% of the way to getting this film made! Please keep checking the page for more news and updates.

  2. Way Out, Scotland, 2013

  3. Hello Tumblr,

    I have some pretty exciting news; I’m co-writing a movie with Director Jeppe Rohde Nielsen which I will be shooting on location in the Scottish Highlands in February 2014. It is a pretty ambitious project and we are looking for contributors to get involved and help make it happen.

    Please check out this link to find out more about the story and how you can get involved. 

    Please fire me a message if there’s anything else you would to know - 

    Thanks for reading!


  4. David, West Highland Way, 2013

  5. Seagulls above garage, Dundee, 2013.

  6. I’ve started a new site to include some of my recent cinematography work, please come and have a look.

    I’ll try remember to keep posting photos on tumblr!

  7. Free gun.

    Claverhouse, Dundee



  10. Mannequin (Boyequin?)

    Creepy mannequin that greets me when I enter my studio.